Word of the Week – linkbait

This one has been around for a long time. The principle is simple, publish GREAT [or controversial] content on your site so other site owners will link back to it.

The content can come in a variety of packages. It can be:

  • insightful, profound observations or thoughts
  • unique, humorous videos, text or images
  • infographs illustrating timely topics
  • sensational or polarizing content
  • new, useful tools or apps
  • lists that are very relevant to your audience
  • post related to content that is trending in the news and is pertinent to your audience

Links to your site are important for a variety of reasons. The first is obvious, they bring fresh new eyes to your site who’s owners may become devote followers. The second has to do with one of the oldest metrics in search engine optimization. If search engines see quality links pointing to your site for a keyword phrase it tells them that your site is more relevant to that phrase than sites with fewer links.