Viral Videos of the Week

A Cirque du Solei performer flips before delivering the first pitch at Monday’s game between the Padres and Royals at Petco Park.

The video was uploaded on June 26th and as of July 1, 2011 it had been viewed 1,118,922 times.

There is a lot that is right about this video:

  • It is amazing to watch
  • It is short
  • It rekindles awareness of Cirque du Solei and Petco Park (noticeable placement of the Petco banners)
  • It brings out the, ‘I just gotta share’ gene that has recently gone into hyper-drive in the human genome

The next video may or may not have been planned. According to the story a GoPro camera user put his camera down on the ground and a ‘curious seagull’ decided to take it back to his nest giving us a birds eye view of flight.

GoPro is the maker of amazing wearable HD cameras. Extreme sportsters have created dozens and dozens of dazzling on location footage with the cameras. Through video sharing on blogs, YouTube etc. GoPro is quickly becoming as common a brand name as Canon and Sony.

The video was uploaded on June 23 and as of July 1 it had been viewed 1,478,789 times.