Video Marketing – when seeing is doing

Where do you turn if you want to learn a new skill or purchase some new fancy gadget? The internet? That’s what I thought.

Recently, I decided I wanted to learn how to photograph a water drop so I headed over to our trusty friend, Google and typed ‘photograph water drops’ in the search box. Here are the results: (#1 Google site) sent me off to this page. It is a nice, easy explanation of the setup and procedure.

But I wanted more information. So I bopped over to and found a wonderful video from PhotoGavin titled How to photograph a splash of water.

Bingo, everything came clear. Before I went off to experiment though, I subscribed to the author’s Youtube channel so I could come back and watch the rest of his movies.

The point here isn’t to teach you how to photograph water drops, it is to show you how effective video is when it is mixed into your marketing efforts.

  • Concepts become clearer when we can watch them in action.
  • Fact – most people would rather watch a movie than read.
  • A video of your company’s doings, facilities or employees makes you more “real” in the eyes of the viewers.
  • Videos add value to your brand, they can make you the go-to expert.
  • They can show the heart of your company. Do you do good deeds? Video, upload and share them.
  • Video testimonials are powerful and much more believable than a list of text tributes.

I was impressed by the video so I went to PhotoGavin’s website and bookmarked it (I use I noticed that he has some DVDs for sale and they look interesting. And heck, I’m telling you about him too. So I’d say his video did a great job of establishing him as an expert, wouldn’t you?