This week in tech

facebook logoThis week one of the most talked about online events was Facebook’s introduction of its new ‘Messaging System’. It was labeled by most of the industry experts as the ‘Gmail killer’. At the Nov. 15, press conference Mark Zuckerberg said, not so. “This not an email killer, this is a shift towards more and more real-time communication. “We expect more people to IM and more people will engage with this.” You can watch the live stream via Facebook Live.

20 things I learned about browsers and the webFor anyone who would like to know more about how the internet works but was afraid to ask there is a new shining light. It is a nifty interactive picture book titled 20 Things I Learned About Browsers and the Web. It is written in plain old English and adeptly explains how the web works, what cloud computing, cookies, phishing, malware and a host of other things are and why it is almost ok if a truck runs over your computer.20 things I learned about browsers and the webBy far the most important message it delivers though is this one –  ALWAYS UPGRADE TO THE LATEST VERSION OF YOUR BROWSER…words to live by.

If you give it a quick look through you might get an idea of what we do here at good old Asia Studio and why it is a bit more complicated than putting pretty pictures and words on a page.

Following Google’s announcement of Google Instant Preview last week, this week Yahoo announced that it is soon to introduce Yahoo Rich Search Assist. They are rolling out the beta version slowly and we don’t seem to be among the chosen who get to play with it in the early phases. So we will just have to wait and see. What we do know is these advancements in search are making the already slippery SEO slopes just a little bit slicker.
And last but not least Google is planning to change the way we shop for clothes. It has launched its very own fashion site It is at the intersection of sheek fashion geek super skill – a junction that rarely comes together.

On its blog Google explains, ‘The new website will be a personalized shopping experience that lets users to find and discover fashion goods, by creating their own curated boutique or through a collection of boutiques curated by taste-makers – celebrities, stylists, designers and fashion bloggers.’

In other words, as with all other things Google, they learn what you like and at least in theory they serve up results that match your preferences.

I’m sure Google is monetizing the heck out of this new offering. It is an interesting concept though, one that will be worth watching (probably a lot more worth watching for Google than for us ever so fashionable geeks.)