The 5 spoked wheel of social marketing

Social marketing, at its core, is like a wagon wheel. It has a hub and 5 spokes which can conveniently be arranged into a fine circular object that will handily take you down the social track.

  • The hub is your blog
  • Spoke #1 – a social networking account on Facebook.
  • Spoke #2 – a microblogging account on Twitter.
  • Spoke #3- a video sharing account on Youtube.
  • Spoke #4 – a photo sharing account on Flickr.
  • Spoke #5 – a network of like-minded blogs to follow and comment uponst.
  • The invisible spoke – patience, keen listening skills and time.

In this wonderful new world of business models there are lots of folks who have reached ‘wizard’ status…and there are lots and lots and lots more who are just trying to figure out where to start. As a way to help the later group we are putting together a series of videos created by members of the ‘wizard’ ilk. We will start with a Youtube video called Blogs in Plain English by Lee LeFever.