South Dakota Facebookers Are Ad Click Happy

Facebook Yesterday Mashable’s Sam Laird posted an interesting article titled, Facebook Marketers Reveal States Where Users Click on Ads Most and guess which state lead the pack?  Good old South Dakota is the Facebook click-through champion of the nation. In fact South Dakotans’ rate is 174% higher than the national average.

If you look at that fact from an advertiser’s eye you might say our home sweet home is the best place in the country to place a Facebook ad campaign (along with Tennessee and Colorado) and that probably is true. However, it will cost you more. The cost per thousand rate for those SD ads is 190% more than the national average.

The article also points out that a high ad click rate doesn’t necessarily mean a successful campaign. After all, a click doesn’t necessarily mean a sale. That takes strategic planning, constant monitoring and knowledge of the marketplace.

South Dakota also has the highest per capita percentage of Facebook account holders. So why are we so Facebook crazy? Maybe it’s because there are more cows than people in our homeland – almost a 2 to 1 ratio. Maybe its’ because our city centers are few and far between. Perhaps it’s our hard winters (usually) or as the article suggests, we are early adapters – which is not our typical MO. Are we just that lonely? Your thoughts?