Social media and the beauty of excellence

A little while back Buddy Media published a study highlighting the most optimal times of the day and week to publish your brand posts on Facebook. Mashable did a fine job summarizing it in an article titled How to Improve Engagement on Your Brands Facebook Page.

Here are a couple of excerpts:
  • Daily Facebook engagement has three peaks: early morning (7 a.m. EST), after work (5 p.m. EST) and late at night (11 p.m. EST).
  • If you are in the entertainment industry Saturday and Sunday are the best bet.
  • Food and beverage companies are best served to post on Tuesdays
  • Keep it under 80 characters. Short and sweet gets more eyeballs and more likes.
  • If you want likes and comments, ask for them.

The study reminded me of an email I received a couple of weeks ago. It was a promo piece that encouraged its recepiants to signup for a webinar on how and when to do webinars. I didn’t attend but I bet I can predict what they recommended for time of day and day of the week- Tuesday through Thursday at 1:00 PM EDT. I say this because almost every company who conducts webinars now airs them at that time, on those days.

In the marketing world webinars are one of the ‘hot’ techniques to reach, preach and sway perspective clients into the disciple roll or to flat out make sales. They are live PowerPoint presentations for the masses. Every day there are more and more of them being offered. Some are very interesting, most are not. Question is – if I am thinking about attending 5 webinars on the same day at the same time, how am I going to choose which one to go to? My choice will probably be to drop in on the one that has my keenest interest.

I would argue the same is true of social media. If you have pertinent, well written (filmed or recorded) things to say that help me in my life’s dealings I am going to pay attention. I’ll give a quick daily peek at your Facebook, Twitter or Linked streams or I will go to my ‘favorites’ folder in my RSS reader because I want to read what you have to say. If you mention or recommend a blog or a website, chances are I will check it out too. If I like them, they might just end up in the ‘favorite’s folder as well. It is one of the beauties of excellence in the social world.