Qwiki.com – a new search tool to get excited about.

I don’t often get giddy when I read about new software, search engines or products – actually that isn’t true at all, I have just taught myself to curb the enthusiasm and to take the wait and see approach.

Once in a while though the little kid in me just jumps up and down for joy and say, ‘Looky, looky, LOOK!  This is soooooooooo cool!’

It happened to me when I started using Twitter and it happened again today when I previewed Qwiki.com. As is often the case, the site was introduced in a Mashable tweet (you may have seen it on Facebook as well) titled 5 New Online Services Perfect for Small Business. Four of the services were interesting, indeed but when I viewed the interview with Qwiki’s founder, Doug Imbruce, my Wow-ometer blew through the roof.


They label their service (software) as, ‘the world’s first information experience, powered by a technology that transforms static information into interactive stories.’

It is wiki-like in that its algorithm gathers great amounts of data stored on the internet and magically brings it together on the screen for searches on almost anything. And it is quick because it doesn’t depend on individual contributors to add content. Rather in a very sophisticated way it blends photos, videos, maps and animations along with text which is read to you in a pleasant female voice.

Qwiki.com is still young so we need to give it time to grow. But hot, dang it’s exciting and it could just turn out to be one of the best new search tools, er ‘information experiences’ of 2011.

I can’t do service to Qwiki by trying to explain it here. You just have to give it a whirl yourself. Do it!  Qwiki.com cuz it’s waaaaay cool!