Project Glass

So, The Great Google in the Sky has determined that we should start working with wearable visual interfaces. Codenamed Project Glass, these little headbands contain a display that will sit just above eye-level, and give you on the spot notifications, in real time, in your upper peripheral area of vision. Check out the video below to get an idea of how it will work.

Now, this particular piece gets me to thinking a couple of different thoughts at once.

  1. This technology is absolutely amazing. Having the capability to interact with everything we use a phone for without needing to look to another device is a pretty fantastic feat. Social media, text messaging, phone calls, all without needing to be staring at your phone (thereby closing you off from all of the rest of the world) seems like a pretty great concept… BUT…
  2. Do we really NEED this?!?! As I said before, we have things that do all of this stuff already, so what’s the necessity of spending the money (I’m putting my money on somewhere upwards of $250 each) to get it ? This particular piece of technology tends to show just how much work we are willing to put forth to not have to do very much work. Is it really all that hard to get your phone out of your pocket to check the time? No, no it is not.

All said, though, I’m really excited about the application of such a product. It could allow people with shaky hands (such as most of the folks in my family) to better operate a mobile device. Keep an eye out for it! (see what I did there?)