Lets talk downloads…

I recently switched form CS2 to CS4, there are things I like and things I don’t and even something’s I don’t understand yet (imagine that).

Back a while I was still a CS2’er I discovered the exciting new world of downloadable presets for Photoshop. Brushes, Custom Shapes, Gradients, Actions etc. When I made the switch to CS4 I thought I had lost all of my previos downloads and was heart broken. Alas, today my day was brightened when I discovered they still worked. This sent me on a quest to find more – I found this site www.ladyoak.com you have to register but once you do you have access to a bazillion custom shapes. I’m not going to tell you how much time I spent downloading them this morning.

www.qbrushes.com has proven itself awesome for brushes and there is always www.deviantart.com which is chalk full of useful downloads for all sorts of purposes.

The point to this post I guess is that even though Adobe is awesome there is much more out there that can be added to make it even more awesome.

If you know of any secret sites out there I’d love to hear about them.