Just say no to Internet Explorer


… I’ve been pulling my hair out this past week because of my dear friend Internet Explorer. Now, I could sit here and type on and on about why Explorer sucks and why you shouldn’t use it, but quite honestly I don’t want to and a quick trip to Google would provide you with more than enough reason to make the switch.

What baffles me though it the objection we get when we suggest this change. Maybe it’s because people don’t like change or they are afraid they won’t understand the upgrade to a cleaner, faster,  superior browser that has sweet bells and whistles, I don’t know.

Here’s my point, I’ve put a lot of links in here for Firefox and i’m not even nessicarly telling you you should use Firefox, but for Pete’s sake (we must always look out for Pete) if you are still using IE 6 or less, it’s is imperative that you upgrade.

I will leave you with this analogy:
If you were using a brand of oil but went to a mechanic and he said, “You know you should really use this oil because that oil is going to destroy your car.” Wouldn’t you at least give it a thought?