Image tags for better search engine placement

If you are adding your own content, images and videos to your site (you are doing this aren’t you) Be sure to pay attention to your image titles, ‘alternative’ [alt] tags and to your descriptions. For some reason this is a step a lot of folks skip over. DON’T SKIP OVER IT! Alt, title and description tags are important.

Importance of titles, alt tags and description tags

This is the add-an-image screen from WordPress. Yours may be different but the basic elements will be the same.

If you are asking why these are important:

  • It’s the law baby. Well not really but if you want your site to be compliant with the powers that be, you will include ALT tags.
  • It’s beneficial to your audience members who use special internet readers.
  • Your images will be included in the search engine ‘image searches’.
  • Your search engine ranking will go up.

So go ahead add those tags, everyone will be the better for it.