Everybody Like This!

So, Hank Harris just stopped by to drop off the a copy of his latest album “Shortcut to Hanksville”. I’m listening to it now, I’ll report back with a review after I’ve spent some time with it, but for now I wanted to show you the stunning graphics designed by, who else, ME!

We’re working on getting the album up on his site soon I’ll keep you posted as soon as we get that done.


It was a fun project. We’ve been Hank fans for a long time. It was fun to design an album for him. The album is a mix of songs, emotions and styles. So far the songs Everybody Like This! and Vacuum are my favorites. Other musicians who play with Hank on the album are:
Jimmy Goings, Mike Miller, Jeremy Hegg, Jon Hegg, Peter Neussmann, Ricky Jacobsen, Kenny Putnam, Matt Berry, Matt Wallace, Tommy Hartig, Jimmy Sanchez, Andrew Reinartz, Genevieve Goings, Tony Baker

The complete track list is:
1. Amanda Lee
2. Everybody Like This
3. Women Choose
4. Typing and Entering
5. Vacuum
6. The Way to Heaven
7. I See Your Face
8. Love Doesn’t Stick
9. Nothing 2 Wear
10. Voodoo Avenue
11. Hope Dies Hard
12. What Am I Gonna Do?
13. Hypnotized
14. After All