Email security note

If you receive an email from ‘The Electronic Payments Association titled ‘Rejected transaction’ or something to that effect – don’t respond. It is a phishing attempt.

The opened email looks like this:


NACHA logo




Canceled Transaction
Transaction ID: 5645746324515345353
Reason for rejection View details in the report below
Transaction report report_5645746324515345353.pdf

13450 Sunrise Valley Drive, Suite 100 Herndon, VA 20171 (703) 561-1100

2011 NACHA – The Electronic Payments Association


The real NACHA has made a statement on their website stating:

‘NACHA – The Electronic Payments Association has received reports that individuals and/or companies have received a fraudulent email that has the appearance of having been sent from NACHA and signed by a non-existent NACHA employee. Specifically, this email claims to be from the “Electronic Payments Association” and appears to be coming from the email address “” See a sample of the email below.

Read the rest of NACHA’s statement here.