Do you ever wonder what your dog is thinking?

I do all the time. I know he likes to eat. Every time I come home he picks up a shoe or a shawl or a shard of printed out news and brings it to me, tail wagging – happy and welcoming. Like the well trained owner that I am, I dig the dog food cup into his food bucket and after a couple of cool tricks on his part I pour the nuggets into his bowl.

It’s a heartwarming routine for me and a satisfying one for him.

Tonight he is lying next to my chair, sleeping. That is something else he enjoys. He is also a passionate lover of walks, playing and chasing anything that crawls, runs or flies. All of those activities are well covered. So we are happy.

You might say, in this case, I know my audience. I rarely tell him how awesome I am, I don’t preach the superb quality of his dog food ingredients. I have never shown him a power point presentation of the huge variety of bees, spiders, birds and squirrels his big back yard has to offer.

I just give him what he wants and it works splendidly. Simplistic I know. But a warm, fuzzy marketing success story none the less.