Content Marketing the Termes Way

Termes' proposed SD map design

Most of our clients have gotten used to our begging them to create lots and lots of content  for their sites. Content is good. It builds trust, it engages with viewers and it grows brand awareness. It also helps with search engine ranking.

Recently however, one of our clients took the concept to a whole new level. Dick Termes, the famous spherical artist, took on South Dakota’s state flag. He decided it needed to be redesigned. Well, that’s not exactly right, he redesigned the flag in 1989, the year of South Dakota’s centennial.  Then, as now, great controversy ensued.


This year one of our state legislators, Bernie Hunhoff, along with 80 of our 105 lawmakers introduced HB 1235 – a bill to replace our current state flag that currently displays the state seal with Termes’ design.

Termes’ design is simple and easy to identify. It is a sunburst (akin to our 1909 flag design) with a medicine wheel in the center.

Nice! We all really like it.

Many readers of South Dakota’s online newspapers, magazines and blogs don’t share our sentiment though. Probably the most lively discussion (one Mr. Hunhoff comments on several times) is over at (a site well worth a bookmark if you are interested in some great South Dakota reads).

What the average South Dakotan seems to be saying is, ‘Don’t mess with my tradition!’

Usually when we speak or preach of content creation we mean blog and social media posts, rich with videos and photos. But Termes has taken it to a whole new level. He has created his content on a proposed, revered piece of cloth.

As with his revolutionary 6-point perspective artwork and his new flag design, he has taken our tried and true notion of interactive marketing and messed with tradition. Way to go Dick!