Pathways Spiritual Sanctuary

The Pathways Challenge: How do you visually represent a place that evokes a different and usually powerful emotional response from each and every person who visits it? The single thread that weaves all these responses together is – love. Pathways is a sanctuary hidden away in the high Black Hills.

Bohunk Enterprise Logo Design

Bohunk manufactures the yummiest shrimp, chicken, fish, beef and veggie sauce. They debuted the Bohunk shrimp skewers at the 2015 Sturgis Rally and have since opened a Food Truck business as well.

Chase Wood

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HFW Solutions

HFW is a market leader in large aluminum fabrication solutions, small component machining and the advanced joining method technology called Friction Stir Welding.

Black Hills Community Theatre

BHCT has been a fixture of the Black Hills since 1968.They are headquartered in the Performing Arts Center. BHCT performs five main stage productions, a Dinner Theatre fundraiser, the Cherry Street and the Well Done Players. BHCT also has an active educational outreach program and a costume rental service.

Support our Schools Rapid City

In the spring of 2015 Rapid City held an election to decide if the city would opt-out of the tax limits set by the state law. It was a complicated issue. The purpose of the SOSRC website is to educate the public about these complexities and to become partners in the search for the solutions to fix our school funding …

Termesphere Gallery

Dick Termes is an internationally acclaimed artist who’s work has been recognized from San Francisco to Paris, France, from New York to Japan and his one of a kind spherical paintings have been published in books all over the world. Needless to say, Dick’s work, and his website, are fascinating.

Bluebird Mesa Logo Design

Bluebird Mesa is a beautiful venue for many kinds fitness and wellness. It sits on top of a mesa-like hill. It has a wonderful view. And yes, there are bluebirds, lots and lots of bluebirds. It also is great as a vacation rental or gatherings/small conference of any sort. It is located in Hot Springs, SD.

FACES Magazine

FACES has done more to introduce all of us to our neighbors than any other institution. Sisters Beth and Ann are the faces behind FACES. Together they have been publishing this beautiful quarterly publication since 2005.

Performing Arts Center of Rapid City

When the PAC opened its doors, it was a huge step up for Rapid City. It brought not one, but two new performing venues. It gave a home to the Black Hills Community Theatre, the Black Hills Symphony, the Rapid City Children’s Chorus, and the Black Hills Showcase Chorus. Plus it has hosted a cadre of touring performers.