Bonny Fleming’s Photography Show – Somewhere Else Instead

Today is the BIG DAY, Bonny’s photo show will open at 5:00 pm.

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It has been an effort to get this show together. Sometimes it was an effort of love and other times it was a table-full of sketches, thumbnails and yes, there was a heartfelt discussion or two about the best way to get the job done.

The art was always there but the details of the presentation were discussed mostly in Bonny’s brain first, then they went on the table, words and more words, and finally a decision was made.

The photos were ordered and when they came, it was Christmas all over again. We opened the boxes and one by one we inspected the photographs. There was only one rejection (it is on my dining room wall now). They looked spectacular.

But getting the framed photos was only the beginning. The one thing that has been drilled into all the Fleming children from birth is ‘The most important thing is PRESENTATION, PRESENTATION, PRESENTATION.’ I won’t go into how many paths that lesson had traveled because today is the day Bonny shines, but not for the first time. It is not even her first time on the podium but it is her first time on the podium alone.

The presentation, the tedious details, the poster, postcards, Facebook Event page,titles and accompanying poems, numbers for the 5 x 7’s printed, bio composed, experimentations with the fun and yes, frivolous table displays. That’s not to mention the time spent judging, ordering and collecting the photographs themselves.

The credit card processing Square had to be programmed. Thank you Dylan, you just know how that all works, and work it you did.

Today Bonny gets to fly her own flag, with photographs that somehow make each of us feel something deeply. She has the eye and a deep understanding of her equipment, therein lies the magic. Today she gives us something we didn’t quite see before.

Good Job Bonny! We are very, very proud of you.