Blogs – Talk the talk and walk the walk

Wordle: bloglossaryHave you ever wondered what a Blego or a Blawg are? How about a Barking Moonbat?

I have to admit that I am a true devotee and student of the English language. As a consequence, when I go off on an exploratory research adventure for no particular reason, it often has to do with the pursuit of some lexicographic whim or another. It was the chasing down of the  blogging term, ‘Doppelblogger’s origin that set me plunk in the middle of the web page Giant Blogging Terms Glossary: Need a Blog Dictionary?

My favorites come from the Blogging Habits section:

  • Metablogging – writing articles about blogging
  • Blogstipation – writer’s block for bloggers. Cant think of what to blog about?
  • Blogathy – I do not want to post today and I do not care about it
  • Blogopotamus – A long long blog post
  • Blogorrhea – unusually high output of articles
  • Bleg – To use one’s blog to beg for assistance etc.
  • Hitnosis – Refreshing your browser repeatedly to see if your hit counter or comments have increased
  • GAD – Google Adsense Disorder. Repeatedly checking your adsense earnings. more
  • Blego – Blog+Ego. Measuring blogger worth
  • Blog hopping – jumping from one blog to another
  • Blogroach – A commenter who rudely disagrees with posted content
  • Blogoholic – addicted to blogging
  • Blogorific = blogtastic – something which a blogger says is terrific
  • Blogsit – maintaining a blog while the primary blogger is on leave
  • Blogvertising – Also called blogvert. Advertising on a blog.
  • Blurker – a blog reader not posting comments, just lurking around quietly.
  • Blogathon – update your website every 30 minutes for 24 hours straight. Maybe collect sponsorships. more
  • Blogiversary – your blog birthday
  • Blog Carnival – Links to other articles covering a specific topic.
  • Multiblog – running multiple blogs
  • Blog Tipping – Compliment 3 blogs on day 1 of every month. more
  • Blogger bash – a blogger party
  • Commenter – someone who leaves remarks / comments
  • Reciprocal Links – called link love. You link to my blog, I link to yours. To improve search engine rankings.
  • Linkbaiting – a habit of writing good content with the sole purpose of getting it linked from multiple sites.
  • Blogstorm – a large amount of blogosphere activity due to particular controversy. Also called Blog Swarm.
  • Blogsnob – refusing to respond to blog comments from “not-friends”.
  • Doppelblogger – plagiarize the content of another blogger. To Doppelblog.
  • Blogophobia – Fear of blogs and blogging.
  • Bloggerel – the same opinion posted repeatedly on a blog

If you want to sally down the Blog Talk path a bit further head over to’s bloglossary. Words are such fun.