4 Reasons Companies Don’t Join the Social Media Marketing Frenzy.

You know who you are. You have that antagonizing itch scratching and scratching right there nestled next to the need-to-succeed part of your brain. You know the world of doing business as usual has taken a sharp left turn but you aren’t quite going with it.  You have an inkling you should but you just aren’t buying in. Hummm, why is that? Perhaps its because:

  1. Some companies aren’t suited for social marketing. I can’t think of any right off the top of my head – maybe the ‘We’d tell you what I do, but then we’d have to kill ya crowd’ or…well how about
    • Trash collectors? Wait, they could lay out a wealth of information on recycling, composting, company long term green goals etc. Trash collectors could defiantly benefit from a presence in the social scene.
    • The dog pound? They kill innocent kitties and doggies. But wait, they could show videos, photos and tell the stories of the available animals. Set up a mascot dog or cat Twitter account to tell the Twitterverse to pleeeeeze adopt Fluffy or Duke or Killer. What a fun and rewarding campaign that would be.
    • Got It! Funeral parlors! They wouldn’t be right for social media. Hold on, not true. These folks deal with the part of life most of us avoid ever thinking about. They may have more needed information to share with the world than all the rest of us put together.
    • I give up. If you can think of any company profiles that couldn’t benefit from a good long term commitment to the new and growing way to ‘spread the word’ let me know.
  2. It is hard to understand. Social media is a fast growing jumble of goofily named programs/websites. There is no defined ‘right path’ to success. In fact, there are so many choices and combinations – none of which are intuitive – that some company executives simply narrow their eyes, tighten their jaws and shout, ‘I DON’T GET IT, I DON’T WANT TO GET IT, NOW LEAVE ME ALONE!’
  3. Most often though, the reason has much to do with procrastination. The old, ‘I know we need to do it but we need to learn how first’ routine. Realization made, progress stops. Or it could have to do with:
  4. Money –If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Well guess what folks…the old system is broke. Newspapers, TV networks, print magazines etc, etc, etc are gasping their last breathes. Advertisers are jumping ship en mass not because it is burning (which it is) but because there is are new means of sending their messages out to the world. And these means are cheaper, more effective and much more targeted.

So what’s next? Where does the not so early adopter start? Stay tuned. There are more online how-to-social-media-tutorials available than you ever want to hear about and we will be sharing our top 10 lists to shorten the learning curve.

Socially yours -Claire