2010’s Internet numbers

Back in the old days of advertising we used to look at media reach – how many subscribers a newspaper had, how many viewers watched a tv show, how many ears tuned into a radio broadcast. Then we would apply what now seems like caveman-like formulas to calculate what kind of return on investment an advertising campaign might deliver.

Even though most of us have moved over to the digital world, some more willingly that others, the power and reach of the Internet in numbers seems almost unbelievable.

For example, the number of emails sent over the internet in 2010 was 107 trillion. This and a whole slew of other internet usage statistics was reported by Royal Pingdom, a web performance and monitoring service out of Sweden.

So what other interesting facts did they uncover?

1.    As of June 2010 there were 1.97 billion worldwide internet users – a 14% increase over the previous year

2.    The number of Tweets in 2010 – 25 billion

3.    The number of new Twitter users in 2010 – 100 million

4.    By the end of 2010 there were 600 million people on Facebook

5.    The number of new Facebook users – 250 million

6.    There are 20 million Facebook apps installed each day

7.    There are 2 billion videos watched on YouTube EVERY DAY

8.    35 hours of video is  uploaded to YouTube every minute

9.    As of September 2010 there were 5 billion photos hosted on Flickr

10. The per minute Flickr upload rate is 3000

To see the whole roundup of numbers head over to Pingdom.