What is the best browser?

The folks over at ZDNet are conducting an interesting poll . The question is simply, “What is the best browser?”  You can view the poll here.

Granted, the voting audience is decidedly techno-geeky. They are the folks who fix your computer when it is acting up or programmers who make all this internet magic work or perhaps they are security analysts, mobile data technicians or master clandestine hackers. Whatever their calling, chances are they know a lot more about the computing world than the average Joe. As of 12:12 pm today here is a rundown of their preferred browser.

Firefox (60%)
Safari (12%)
Chrome (11%)
Internet Explorer (11%)
Opera (5%)
Other (1%)

Please take note of where Internet Explorer is on the list. If you are still running Internet Explorer (especially IE 6) you might want to ponder the recommendations of the experts.