Today I’ve been attending the LA Twitter Conference via UStream.tv. So far I’ve watched the “Media Integration Strategies: Incorporating Twitter Into Your Existing Properties” session and a heartfelt “Thank-you Twitter” speech from San Fransisco’s Mayor Gavin Newsom. Although it isn’t like being there – no ducking out of a session to grab a sandwich at Langer’s  or hobnobbing with cronies – it is a fantastic way to learn, right here, right now from the experts.

Live conference streaming isn’t anything new. Neither are the concerns that showing sessions online for free will ultimately lead to the end of conferences as we know them. Why would a company pay $1500/attendee plus travel costs to send its employees to a far away place to attend an event they could watch from the office, especially in such dark economic times? Simple answer – networking. Yes, the sessions are educational but oh those greasy elbows, that’s where the return on investment really happens.

So for now, I think it is safe to say the internet won’t kill the conference industry. Proof in point? The LA Twitter Conference was sold out.