At Asio Studio we help you connect the dots in the ever changing and expanding world of internet and brand marketing. We create integrated design and marketing programs that are uniquely crafted and delivered with your specific needs in mind. We listen to you, brainstorm with you and will never leave you swimming in a sea of tech talk and confusion.

Online Services

Internet Design, Development and Marketing

  • website design & development
  • search engine optimization
  • social media marketing
  • online advertising
  • blogs
  • email marketing
  • ongoing training (that really works)
  • video search engine optimization
  • local search marketing

Media Services

Professional Audio, Photography & Videography

  • product photography
  • brand identity photography & video
  • imaging for corporate events, weddings & reunions
  • trade show promo videos
  • training videos
  • slide shows for products & branding
  • family history slide shows & videos
  • television ads
  • radio ads & voice overs

Graphics Services

High Quality Graphic Design

  • logos
  • business cards
  • brochures
  • posters
  • billboards
  • newsletters
  • postcards
  • banners
  • rack cards

Asio Studio is a small shop with a wide and friendly reach. We solve problems – big and small, we like to laugh and most of all we get things done.

Online Services

The word we hear most often from clients when it comes to internet marketing is, ‘FRUSTRATING!’. We don’t blame them. If any one, single thing can be said about online marketing it is that it is ever changing.

At this moment in time online marketing is all about social media, local search, search engine optimization, pay per click advertising and mobile search and advertising.

If you have a great website, creatively crafted with lots and lots of keyword rich articles, videos and optimized photographs- if you are making frequent updates – if you are spreading your message across the social web and are seeing an uptick in your profits- you are well on your way to success.

If putting the whole plan together seems impossible however come talk to us. Together we can craft a tailor made, logical internet marketing plan. It is a matter of our listening to your company’s story, recommending your new plan of action (along with lots of company specific handouts) and either turning the whole shebang over to you and your staff or keeping the ongoing efforts here at Asio Studio.

Media Services

Complete Audio, Video, Photography, Infographics, Slide Show and Event Documentation

Visual storytelling activates parts in the human brain that allows listeners/viewers to actually turn the story into their own ideas and experiences. THIS IS POWERFUL!. With the current information overload (some might say bombardment) we are all experiencing, every step we can take to help clarify ideas and convey data is both helpful and efficient.

Visual storytelling works. Whether through video, images, and/or photos, it delivers a message that is easier to grasp and understand. It explains why YouTube is the 2nd most searched site, right behind Google – why SlideShare has reinvented the PowerPoint presentation – and the phenomenal rise in popularity of Pinterest.

We here at Asio like to think of ourselves as your Visual Practitioner Partners. We bring the tools and skills to the storytelling party, we find the ‘creative groove’ that makes ideas (aka ‘stories’) POP! Then we innovate, design, shoot or draw the story that is, indeed, worth a thousand words.

Give us a call, let’s plot and plan together. This is where it all gets to be really, really fun!

Graphics Services

What is your business’ story? Ours is ‘digital marketing with a sense of humor’. Or to embellish a bit, we offer video, photography, web and graphic design and online marketing – and we do our best to make it excellent, effective and fun for everyone. As designers we need to convey those thoughts in everything we do.

Take our logo for example. It makes a statement in somewhat silly way. It is fun, unique and memorable. That bird goes on everything we hand out, hang up, put a stamp on or launch to the internet.

Great design combines writing, typography, space, color, shape, texture etc. to say something to the viewer. It tells your company’s or product’s or event’s story. This visual storytelling is what intrigues the viewers, it is what makes them want to find out ‘what’s next’. It creates a need to open the box or go to the concert or to make the call.

Your company’s story is important. The stories of your products and services are important too. They should be told and sold boldly, with authority.

About Asio

Asio Studio is a digital marketing and design company that can handle both big and small jobs. To see how we seamlessly incorporate great design, video, business tools and as many different pages as you need in one website, check out our portfolio.

Meet Our Team

ClaireClaire Scholz founded Asio Studio in 1998 while still running a full blown manufacturing company, Legends & Lore, Inc. Legends manufactured Tub Buddies, bathtub puppets. Don’t laugh! In her tenure as the Tub Buddie queen, she sold over 4 million of the little critters.

When she had the first Legend’s website designed she quickly saw the advantages the internet brought to small, rural businesses. If all the components of great design, programming and marketing were put into place, a business could instantly have worldwide exposure.

Since then, she has continuously studied the every changing digital landscape. New, far reaching ways to communicate with audiences (both old and new) come into existence every day but only to those who know what they are. It is an ever changing job – one that Claire loves.

When Claire isn’t assisting Asio clients with their website needs, she might be found working in her garden while listening to podcasts about the latest internet business and technology trends.

Claire specializes in helping clients promote their businesses by reaching customers directly through advertising, social media, newsletters and good old fashion content creation. She can guide clients through the thickets of search engine optimization, making the best use of web video, tweeting and the plethora of options available via online advertising.

If it’s happening on the Internet, Claire already knows about it and can help your business take advantage of it!

BonnyBonny Fleming combines her creative graphic design skills with her knowledge of internet protocol to create award-winning websites. She also produces and designs commercials and business imaging materials (logos, brochures, point of purchase materials, etc.)

Bonny’s photography is legendary. It has been her passion since her mom handed her a SLR camera when she was twelve years old. She is seldom seen without camera in hand. Her need to always try something new while photographing ordinary subjects has resulted in a stunning photo portfolio.

Bonny’s proficiency with Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, InDesign and internet programming allows her to bring a lot of knowledge to the table. Her creative flair combined with her pragmatic sensibility has allowed her to design a diverse array of websites for clients ranging from buttoned-down law firms, non-profit corporations and artists of all kinds.

When she’s not glued to her computer, working with her headphones on, Bonny spends most of her time with her 7-year-old daughter, Anna. She has a passionate love for the Black Hills and nature in general.

DylanDylan Fleming is a free-spirited high-tech gadget enthusiast. He is also Asio’s videographer and IT specialist.

Dylan started his video career while still in high school. He and a group of friends could be found every Friday evening in a secret underground Rapid City hallway filming a array of shorts that ranged from the silly to the sublime.

Since then he has retired his mini cam and dawned a hi-def capable Canon pro camera and he has armed his software arsenal with Premiere Pro and After Effects. He has shot and edited everything from commercials to full length documentaries. Along the way he has continued his love for finding creativity and fun via video.

Dylan is Asio’s right and left hand when it comes to all things tech. Whether it be repairing the network server or adding a new video card, the job always starts with the words, “Dylan would you come here and….”

He is responsible for the back-end work that comes with creating websites – the stuff that most people don’t know or care about. Yet the job is vital for both the functionality and security of the sites.

When he’s not setting up blogs and web sites for Asio clients, he can often be found acting in the company at Black Hills Community Theatre or defeating the latest, greatest video game.

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